Free language courses for English speakers

Welcome to the section of foreign language courses for English speakers of A space dedicated to learning foreign languages for those of us who speak English. In the following lines I share the spaces where you can learn to speak your favorite language for free through video courses and additional resources.

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Spanish – Course 1

Spanish – Course 2

Spanish – Course 3

Spanish – Course 4


French – Course 1

French – Course 2

French – Course 3

French – Course 4

French – Course 5

French – Course 6


German – Course 1

German – Course 2

German – Course 3

German – Course 4


Italian – Course 1

Italian – Course 2

Italian – Course 3

Italian – Course 4

Find more courses in different languages on the YouTube channel Language Club(Club de Idiomas): GO TO THE CHANNEL

Club de Idiomas on YouTube.